A Few Words About CTG

We are here for your small business. If given the opportunity, we'll provide your company with the technical leadership to grow and prosper to its full potential! We offer a wide range of technical services for your business, letting you focus on what you do best!

Our founder and president, Stephen Cerniglia, is a technology specialist with a breadth of knowledge and a depth of experience in technologies and marketing and how they can be paired to best serve your business. Mr. Cerniglia has more than 20 years of experience delivering successful solutions to his clients. Before founding Cerniglia Technology Group, Stephen consulted for several Fortune 500 companies including Gartner, Fidelity Investments, and Travelers.

Leaving the corporate world behind for Florida's beautiful west coast, Stephen discovered that he received more enjoyment and personal fulfillment from working with and building small businesses. Born out of a need to assist his technophobe wife start her now thriving acupuncture business. Cerniglia Technology Group approaches each new job with the same care and enthusiasm as its first. We do this because we want you to succeed!

Stephen's commitment to delivering the best solutions to our customers is what drove us to build a cadre of senior experts that can be drawn upon regardless of your technology needs. Each member of our group has extensive experience in their respective fields. When you hire the Cerniglia Technology Group, you hire only the best.