Initial Email or Phone Contact

To start the process, just give us a call or email so we can start to learn about your project. It won't take long for us to mutually decide to work together. If it is a good fit, we'll schedule an initial meeting.

Initial Meeting

Most projects get into trouble when not enough time is given to scoping the problem and mutually agreeing that the proposed solution is acceptable to a client from both a features perspective and also a cost perspective. Once the scope and requirements of the project have been properly vetted, we can get started on the design / strategy of your project. We will then use this well defined list of requirements to create a project summary of deliverables, a project time frame, and some pricing options. For larger projects, we often break the project into phases with some phases being optional if you aren't able to budget immediatly for the entire solution.

Your First Step
After you have reviewed and approved our proposed project summary, we can begin work once you have provided an initial deposit (50% of total cost) and a signed contract. There maybe several iterations of the proposal as we hash out any details and clarifications. 

Nothing To Hide Here
After receiving your deposit, we will begin work on your project based on our project schedule (included in the project summary) according to the mutually agreed start date. Whenever possible, we'll provide access to the work so you can see the progress being made. For example, if it's a website that we're working on, we'll provide you with a private link to see the site.

Almost Done
Once final project payment is received by us, we will make your project (e.g., website) available to you. If it's a website, we'll make it live on the web. If it's an application that'll run on your intenal network, we'll come and install it. We'll also provide you with a copy of all software on a medium for your safe keeping. 

Minor Adjustments
Alot like buying a nice piece of clothing off the rack, it doesn't always fit exactly right. When this happens, we'll be happy to make minor adjustments to the software for up to a timeframe agreed upon in the contract (typically 30 days after final payment has been made). Minor changes include adding, changing text, updating links, adding or changing images, formatting, etc. The amount of total time alotted for these minor adjustments is 2 hours unless specified differently in the contract. Additional time can be purchased through a support agreement.